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  • Effective Notes: Tomato Leaf, Vetiver, Galbanum


    Size: 300gr


    Burn time: 50 Hours

    Green Tomato & Vetiver Medium Size Candle

    SKU: 9665666
    • Elevate your space with the invigorating aroma of our Green Tomato scented candle by Echoes Candles. Immerse yourself in the essence of Tomato Leaf, Vetiver, and Galbanum, expertly crafted with our natural soy and beeswax blend. For optimal enjoyment, we recommend placing the candle in well-ventilated areas, such as living rooms or kitchens, to fully experience the crisp and earthy notes. Light the cotton wick with paper threads after trimming it for an extended burn time and heightened fragrance. Transform your surroundings into a sanctuary of tranquility, where the Green Tomato paraffin and phthalate-free candle brings nature's freshness into your home. Unwind, relax, and let the natural scents captivate your senses.

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